How it works.

It is very simple. In order to find a ride, download the application, start to use it, and when you want to ask for the first ride, the system will ask you to register and to accept privacy policy and terms of use. Once the registration is complete, you can enter the requests for the desired itinerary. In real time you can find other community friends (the drivers) who, as going to the same direction, will bring you to your final destination. Once the trip has ended, you will be asked to provide feedback regarding your driver and/or passenger (for drivers) and to choose the amount of expense reimbursement to be paid to the driver. You can, if you want, also register as a driver if you have specific requirements. To do so, you should provide some additional information about you and your vehicle and accept the terms of use of the driver software.


How do I sign up?

You must be at least 16 to use Zego.
Download the app, enter your phone number as well as the other information required. You may also sign up using Facebook.

How do I ask for a ride?

Access to the app and indicate on the map your pick up point and destination, indicate if there are other people with you or not and choose the amount you would like to reimburse the person giving you a ride. Send the request and shortly after you will receive the availability of another user of the community heading in the direction of your destination, so that he/she can give you a ride.

Can I contact the person who has accepted the ride request?

Yes, you can. When you see the profile of the person that has accepted your ride request, by clicking on his/her profile photo you can call the driver to speak with him/her directly. Do not worry, your phone number will not be shown. Finally, remember that whichever sim card you use the app with should have the same phone number you used to make your Zego account.

How much does it cost?

Carpooling is sharing and it is based on reimbursement for the expenses of the ride.
The application suggests reimbursement amount that you can modify as you like, according to the type of ride.
When you enter the information required for the ride, you will see the reimbursement suggested by Zego and tapping on the reimbursement amount, you will be able to modify it as you want.
The app will automatically recalculate the fee for the use of the app that is 15% of the total amount; up to €6, the fee is €1.

How do I pay?

You can pay with credit card, prepaid card, or cash.
If you choose cash, at the end of the ride you will hand the amount originally selected directly to the driver (it already includes both reimbursement and service fee).
Alternatively you can add a credit or prepaid card to your profile (Mastercard, Visa, Amex) and choose to pay with it. At the end of the ride the app will charge your card with the amount originally selected – or less if reduced by the driver. Zego will then send the cost reimbursement to the driver.
Please note that when you insert a new card to your profile, the payment system checks the new card simulating a transaction of 0.50€: you may receive an verification SMS by your mobile provider. This is NOT a charge, but only a credit check on your card.

Can I ask for a ride for a friend?

No, you cannot. With your profile, you cannot ask for a ride for any other person than you, unless you get in the car, too. This would put the safety of the person giving you a ride at risk and, if Zego is notified about it, you could be excluded from the community. If one of your friends needs Zego, help them register, so that they will be able to make a request directly from their account.


Can I contact the passenger?

Yes, you can. Tapping on the passenger’s profile photo, you can directly communicate with him/her by phone. Do not worry, your phone number will not be shown.
PAY ATTENTION, ONCE THE RIDE HAS STARTED, IT WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE TO PHONE THE PASSENGER ANYMORE, so confirm the lift only after the passenger has gotten in the car, otherwise neither of you will be able to contact one another anymore.
Finally, remember that whichever sim card you use the app with should have the same phone number you used to make your Zego account.

How can I offer a lift?

Make yourself available on the app by selecting the mode OFFER RIDES.
You will receive ride requests from other friends in the community that are nearby.
In the request, you will see the photo of the person asking you for a ride, his/her rating in the community, the requested trip, the number of passengers and the reimbursement amount requested by the passenger.
If you are happy with the request and the trip is compatible with yours, you can accept it and continue towards the starting point indicated in the request. Remember: the person asking for a ride has 2 minutes to cancel it.
Once you arrive at the pick up point, you can call the passenger and send them a notification to let them know that you have arrived. Press on the profile photo of the passenger and choose the most suitable option for you.
Once the passenger is in the car, press “Start” on your application to start your ride and then press “End” to end it once you have reached your destination.
Before your ride has ended, in case the reimbursement of the expenses chosen by the passenger is higher than the expenses you actually incurred, you can reduce it by tapping on the reimbursement amount.
Remember to always give feedback to the person you have given a lift.

Which information is required for the registration?

The process is fast and in the app you must enter a few personal details including your phone number that you will need to verify through a PIN that you will be sent via SMS. Then you must also indicate the references of the payment method you choose (credit card or Paypal account) for reimbursement related to your rides. Account registration is also possible via Facebook. Remember to upload a picture in which you are easily recognizable.

How can I become a driver?

If you want to be part of the Zego community and be able to offer rides to the other members, we ask you a few more steps further to your basic registration. Select the Driver Mode on the app, add to your profile the license plate of your car and send the request for registration by filling out the online form in every part. By filling in the registration form, you approve the terms and conditions of the service and the license of the software for driver valid from the moment you make yourself available to offer the first ride and so commit to take the responsibility of the passenger(s) you are bringing aboard; you furthermore, declare that you do not have any criminal pending charges; you also declare that your car is suitable from a technical and insurance point of view to bring passengers safely and legally. You will be immediately activated as driver on trial mode valid 15 days. In those 15 days we will need to receive all documents and information specified in the Driver License terms in order to confirm you as an effective driver. You will receive a welcome email with all instructions. Remember that even with the trial account you immediately assume the full responsibilities of "Driver" vis-à-vis Zego and Passengers who choose to trust you. You also claim to have every requirement to be a Driver including that you are not a transport professional.

What documents and information is required to complete the driver profile?

Once you make the request you will receive a registration email by the app with the indication of the next steps to follow. Then you should send us by email within 15 days: 1. A legible copy of your driver's license (front and back), with a recent picture of yourself and the certificate of insurance of the car; 2. Some other information (such as coordinates of the bank account or Paypal account on which you want payment of the reimbursement of the rides that you offer and some information about your car). Once and if we receive all the documents and information within the requested deadline, Zego will confirm your activation as a driver and proceed to the accrued payments, otherwise your profile will be disabled and you will not be paid accrued reimbursements.

Which are the requirements to become a driver?

Driving license for at least 1 year, vehicle with past inspection, the absence of criminal pending charges before joining and during all the time you are a part of the Community Zego, insurance coverage valid also for third parties transported and without limitations related to the driver. You can also use a car, which is not owned yourself, provided that possession is lawful and you have the authorization to drive from the owner. The driver is also responsible for all aspects related to the safety and comfort of the passengers, included those relevant to car and road conditions.


How much does it cost?

Zego does not have and can not have rates or taximeter. Carpooling is sharing and is based on a principle of reimbursement of expenses and costs. Zego suggests a refund for the trip and at the end of the ride, the user is free to decide how to recognize for the passage. The drivers must recognize Zego 20% of the amounts recognized by passengers in the month (for rides started with the "Start the journey" button).

How do you pay?

You will be asked to provide details of your credit card or your PayPal account; then, when the ride is over and you decide how much refund to those who gave you the passage, you just enter the amount on the app and you will be automatically charged.

If am I a driver, how can I receive the reimbursement of expenses and when I receive them?

During the registration you will need to indicate the bank account or PayPal account on which you want to receive the reimbursements for the rides offered. Each week Zego will credit you the total reimbursement of the previous week, net of costs that Zego retains for driver application use.

And If am I a driver with a trial account?

During the trial period, however, you will accumulate the reimbursements for the rides offered; you will obtain them when you come finally to be part of the community of Zego activating the full driver account by sending all the required documents. If after six months since you started the trial period as drivers of Zego, you will not have sent the documents we will close your account and apply as an administrative penalty an equivalent sum to the accumulated reimbursements for not having received the registration documents. You will, however, discounted license fees related to your use. If you want to come back, you are welcome, restarting the procedure with a new account.

As a driver can I use Zego professionally?

Absolutely not, the reimbursements received should not and cannot be a source of income for professional drivers. The platform provides the possibility to transporting people only by a friendly sharing of expenses and travel costs. The indication of reimbursements is just a target criterion. It is up to drivers to respect therefore non-professional use of the service and verify that their repayments are actually respectful of the costs incurred for rides by car. Zego reserves the right to monitor any incorrect behaviour and act accordingly on members of the community.


What kind of service is Zego?

It is not a taxi service or public transportation, but urban instant car pooling. It is a software platform that provides shared real-time mutual opportunities: people who need to move around the city with other people who are moving with their car and have free places to share.

What are the differences between the other services available (e.g. car sharing, carpooling, etc.)?

Zego is a service of instant ride sharing that is part of the family of carpooling but has the unique benefit of pooling, in real time, people who have need of short trips in the city with people who are willing to carry them with their car. Zego drivers do not offer rides as a profession and are not obliged to do so. So, compared to the traditional car sharing, the urban instant carpooling does not put new cars on the road and there is no need to move to find an available car and drive it; there are also no fixed rates. Compared to classic carpooling instead the benefit is a sharing service available in real time for short trips mainly in the city. Compared to the taxi then there are huge differences that distinguish the two services: the taxi service, for example, (1) can be booked well in advance (2) is always available, (3) can travel in bus lanes, (4) can be found in some special parking areas (e.g. outside of the airports and stations), (5) has a precise and present charging system regulated by the City, (6) runs to the exact location specified by the passenger and can make stops, bring everyone on board, (7) can not refuse to take on board a passenger; (8) can be stopped directly from the street; (9) enters limited traffic areas (ZTL) (10) is organized in shifts, and radio stations. With Zego instead you move aboard normal private cars, with a comfortable trip which starts with the request from the app and just by indicating your destination, a friend of the community comes to get you to take you to a place which is in the way in which the driver is already moving to or nearby. The driver does not move just for your call, and the purpose is to get the company and possibly a refund of costs (optional, except the minimum).

In which cities the service is already available?

The service is available in Milan, Genoa, Turin and Padua.

Where can I find all the details about the terms and conditions of the service?

The T&C of the service and also the driver software license are available on the site.

Is there a regulation of use?

Zego is a community that provides its own code in order to respect their fundamental principles and its members. By this code, Zego reserves to itself the power of control and to act if necessary. You can find “The Rules of Community” on the site.

Who is eligible to use the service?

Only the users who are registered to the community.

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