Rules of the Community

10 musts to be an Ideal Zego User

01. Use a profile photo of yourself in which you are recognizable

02. Always remember to tell those who have agreed to give you a ride if you have any special needs (e.g. if you have a baby carriage a lot of luggage, or pets with you)

03. Always be kind and courteous, Zego is a community of friends. The driver and the passenger sit next to each other and are welcome to chat and be friendly during the trip

04. Try to always be on time and if you have to wait for someone, try to be patient.

05. When you need a ride and you are in a hurry, request the ride a few minutes earlier

06. If you have an unexpected setback or the pick up location is difficult to get to, tell the driver that you are on your way by calling them through the app. If you are the one offering a lift, let the passenger know if there is traffic and you are late

07. When you ask for a ride, before sending a request, make sure you put in the correct destination: once you are on board, you cannot ask the driver to bring you in a different direction

08. Every car trip, even short ones, have a cost. When you ask for a lift, choose an appropriate reimbursement amount to share the cost of the trip and if you give a ride, remember: Zego is a carpooling service, not a professional one

09. Be honest when leaving feedback, trust in the Community depends on it

10. If you can no longer give a ride or you no longer need one, cancel your request on the App as soon as possible

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